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Motivating High School Students Essay

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Week 5 Milestone Project: Final Project

ENGL-1001-2 English Composition

Tracey L. Allen

January 5, 2014

Walden University

Professor Luna


Teacher and parent involvement along with utilizing modern technology and

cyberschooling will help motivate high school students to successfully graduate with their peers

with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Though we cannot force students to want to learn and

graduate we ...view middle of the document...

The classroom is a hospital, the teacher is the doctor and the student is the patient. The

teacher assigns a virus to the student at the beginning of the grading period and based on the

students attendance and grade point average each week the student’s illness either gets better or

worse. The goal is to finish the grading period healthy and virus free. I found this motivation


technique different and interesting. Studies also show that rewarding students is a good

motivator as well. Everyone likes to feel that they have accomplished a task and receive

recognition; rewarding a student for an accomplishment will produce good feelings about one’s

self, here again, motivating. One motivational technique that involves both the parents and

teachers is through the senior field trip. At the beginning of the student’s freshman year, they are

made aware of the expectations of a stated grade point average, attendance and behavior that

they must maintain until their senior year. If a student maintains all expectations then he/she will

have the opportunity to go on the week long senior field trip. This was done at the high school

that I attended and with the support of my parents, along with my teachers, I was able to go to

Washington DC with my class for a week. Engaging both the parents and teachers can help

take some of the challenge out of motivating students.

Teachers and parents need to collaborate together to motivate students. Teachers do not

need to wait to the point where a child is going to fail a class to contact the parents and the

parents do not need to wait until the report card comes in to realize that their child is suffering in

a class. “Flunking as a regular policy has just as much merit as it did two generations ago”

(Nadell, Langan & Comodromos, 2011, p. 439). This statement may be accurate but giving a

student a failing grade may or may not motive them because they have the option of taking

summer classes and still receiving their diploma even though they will not get to participate in

the graduating ceremony with their peers. Using the threat of failing also requires the teacher

and parents to work together and agree that this is the best method to motivate the student. “It

would mean that teachers would have to follow through on their threats, and parents would have

to stand behind them, knowing their children’s best interests are indeed at stake” (Nadell, Langan


& Comodromos, 2011, p. 439). If a teacher is going to use the flunking approach then the

teacher and the parent need to collaborate together to find a method of motivation for the student.

“After all our students are the future and grades are very influential in the way our students will


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