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Motivating Employees Essay

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Motivating Employees

Zachary Parker

Instructor: Joan Mason

Behavioral Science 225

Axia College at University of Phoenix

November 24, 2011

According to Ray Williams co-founder of Success IQ University, motivating people to do their best work, consistently, has been an enduring challenge for executives and managers (Ray Williams, February 2010). Many individuals may believe that managers can make there employees do what they want by simply demand or with extrinsic motivation. As one may learned that demanding anything from someone will only only last so long before the subordinate questioned or the authority. Extrinsic ...view middle of the document...

Some employees will associate hard work with constant reward and may not be motivated by anything else. For this reason, managers can not do anything thing that will motivate employees to consistently put forth their best efforts. Employees must find something within themselves that will fuel their desire to be hard workers on a consistent basis. These desires may consist of taking pride in their job, appreciating their role in the companies growth, or their influences on others in and outside the workplace. However managers can benefit from knowing what these elements are that each of their employees value and causes them to work hard. In this case managers can provide, create, or emphasize an environment that helps an employee stay motivated to perform their best. Environments filled with positive encouragement is a good example. This happens when manger take the time to appreciate individuals for his or her efforts with statement such as " good job on the financial report it was important to final project's success". In this situation employees will be constantly acknowledge and want to remain motivated to perform their jobs at a high level. In conclusion, extrinsic motivates employees temporarily but to achieve consistent efforts over time managers should acknowledge and emphasize intrinsic motivations from their employees.


Ray Williams, February 13, 2010, retrieved November 24, 2011,

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