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Motivating Essay

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Hailee Johnson
Project 3
General psychology 2301
Chapters 11-15

Coming to an ending to this very interesting semester, I find myself looking back at all the different discussions that we’ve had in class. From the very beginning, I knew that this class would be one that I enjoyed in every aspect of my learning development. Starting from the science portion of psychology and working our way to the social psychology portion, my narrow vision of what psychology really is has not only expanded but will continue to do so in my future studies in this field.
Motivation and emotion can touch on various areas. When asking what motivation is and how exactly it drives us, I found that this ...view middle of the document...

Food will always be around to either slowly kill you, or benefit you. Accepting where you’re currently at physically can lead to greater emotional satisfaction. You are only limited by fears which will keep you from potentially, in the end, earning what you’re really worth. Not only emotionally but the physical aspect as well.
Some people believe that your personality is something that sticks with you and never changes. But what I learned after having the open discussion in class, is that it’s something that continues to develop over the course of time. Knowing the difference between personality and character has a huge impact as well when pertaining to your overall morals and values. They are indeed, two completely different things. In different theories there are two forms of general thought when talking about personality which I was completely unaware of up until this class. There are three levels of consciousness, or awareness that each person goes through in the general thought process. I know when speaking about myself and my personality, I’m extremely outgoing or also known as an extrovert. I enjoy meeting new people whenever I can and I talk at every opportune moment. Personality has a lot to do with the type of career or job you will or do carry. Just like saying if you are shy and conforming, a sales rep position probably isn’t something you would go for! Being ambitious, sociable, and friendly I found out pertains to the Social personality type (go figure) which definitely describes myself. Helping and developing others is my job, and that touch of creative expression doesn’t hurt either. When looking back at the discussion held in class over personality, I’ll never forget that day when I walked in late to class, with everyone staring at me of course and being asked, “What about you, Hailee?”. I obviously had no earthly idea of what was being discussed but I never opt out of participation. After I sat down in the front of the classroom, a few people went ahead and answered the questions that were somewhat being passed around from person to person. I later discovered that the question was where we thought our personalities came from; whether it is our parents or heritage/ethnic background, if we had the choice to change it would you; and has it served you well. I was kind of surprised at most of the answers from different people but when it came down to it, no one (that I had heard) wanted to change a good portion of their personality. That to me shows not only value, but the amount of pride people have in regards to whom they are and where, they in fact, came from. Being unique is something that I personally have always valued, and it was the utmost comforting to hear that almost the entire class had the same perspective that being unique is greater than being just like everyone else.
Oh my goodness. In my opinion, this chapter’s discussion was not only alarming to most but definitely helpful in being able to understand...

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