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More Frequent Casino Shuttle Bus Service, More Guests Visiting Casino

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More Frequent Casino Shuttle Bus Service,
More Guests Visiting Casino

Objective of the Research – Casinos provide various free services in order to attract more guests, such as free shuttle bus service. But in fact, some passengers are just free riders and their destination may not be the casino. The objective of the research is to determine how strong the relationship between the frequencies of casino shuttle bus service and the numbers of guests visiting the casino.

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Methodology: We let the independent variable X = frequency of shuttle bus service, and the dependent variable Y = the number of guests visiting the casino. Then it will utilize the linear regression method to determine the relationship between these two variables. By conducting the analysis, the value of the regression coefficient will be determined which the value indicates the correlative degree between these two variables. The positive correlation value means that increase in shuttle bus frequencies will increase guest visits. In opposite, if a negative value been obtained, then the increased bus trips will decrease the guest numbers. Another possibility is that there is no relationship between these two variables. The regression coefficient also explains the degree of influence of X to Y.

Data Collection: Shuttle bus travel frequencies data could be obtained from the Transportation department. The people transaction would be obtained from the company people counting system. The data mentioned above will cover from Dec-2011 until Dec-2012. Total 1000 data sets are expected to collect randomly and averagely.

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