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More Ants, More Audits
by Jennifer Galang
YOU contributor

RUMMAGING through heaps of paper, I unexpectedly found a copy of my article, "Ants and Audit," which told my experiences with my first tax season as an auditor. Just a few months after it got published, here I am -- still a soldier ant working for the biggest auditing firm in the country -- getting down and dirty with working papers that desperately needed filing. Living my dream? Hmmm… let me see.

As a child, I never dreamt to become an auditor. I don't think I even had an idea what an auditor was. I always wanted to be a teacher but I took up accounting because a number of my relatives were already CPAs. Thinking I could be ...view middle of the document...

Yet a lot of accountants can't stand the pressures of being an auditor. Auditing firms are known to have a high turnover of employees. Most accountants in auditing firms stay only for few years to gain experience and then transfer to a private company. Those who leave have reasons of their own but most of them accepted a "better offer"-- which doesn't necessarily mean a higher-paying job, but, more import, a less stressful one. I once overheard an auditor saying that she had just filed her resignation and was in the process of disposing her accountabilities. She said, mimicking a popular credit card ad, "Laptop -- P100,000, electronic ID -- P800, audit working papers -- P2,000 each, electronic gadgets -- P3,000, the feeling of resignation -- priceless."

Are the ones who leave the most stressed out? Do those who stay enjoy what they're doing? I tried to study the people who left and the people who stay. I tried to look for a common denominator, a defining common factor.

I noticed that nit-pickers, complainers, and protestors thrive in the office. I hear different complaints every single day. There are a thousand things to complain about -- the salary, the things to do, bosses, officemates, the politics in the office, anything! Whiners can think of every possible reason to whine about. An auditor who constantly says that he already has plans of leaving is not rare in the firm. Some actually surf the internet for job openings during office hours.

Yet surprisingly, the whiners, complainers, and job-hunters often last longer than the others. Ironically, their laughter is the loudest, their smiles the biggest, their work more than what is expected of them. For us auditors who are trained to be cynical, auditing seems to be most enjoyable with complaining on the side!

I arrived at the conclusion that there is something about auditing that is somehow addictive. Like another...

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