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Monologue Essay

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At the beginning Macbeth and Banquo come in being the best of friends, joking around and having their arms around each other. We can tell they are best friends at the start because Banquo calls Macbeth 'my noble partner' which gives the impression that they are good friends. After the witches have vanished and Macbeth is proclaimed thane of Cawdor they start hiding things from each other and make this noticeable by starting to stand further apart. At this point Macbeth and Banquo do not trust each other as much anymore.We can tell this because Macbeth starts speaking aside and talking to himself and the audience. 'Glamis and thane of Cawdor: the greatest is behind', This suggests that he ...view middle of the document...

But I have a problem (sits on a chair), how can I express my suspicions of Macbeth publicly? Although he is my good friend, and also a person who led Duncan’s victory against Norway, he has done wrong by killing Duncan.
Macbeth is a Scottish noble and a brave military man. We fought together in battle for the victory of our nation. He is the one who was able to impress King Duncan after his brave and courageous battle against the traitor; and the king of Norway. By Macbeth’s great deeds, Duncan decided to give him a reward of lands. “I do respect his bravery and courage and he is the one who deserved this”. I do admire him. (He nods his head)

After battle, I was the only one with Macbeth when he heard the first prophecy of the witches, that Macbeth will be king soon. Macbeth is a basically good man who is troubled by his conscience and loyalty to his family; he, at the same time is ambitious and murderous which leads to evil and that was not the witches’ prediction.
But I (hands to chest) was the one who heard about the witch’s prediction and I was the one who can suspect Macbeth about Duncan’s murder. But I can’t betray him by telling about this murder. (Hand of forehead)

If I tell truth about this murder, I will betrayal my friend but if I don’t then also I will betray the king Duncan who is dead (Sad voice). King Duncan, who was a loyal and trusted person, helped everyone who was having problem and gave good justice to people. How can I betray his loyalty and humanity? Afterall, Duncan was killed by my good friend and Macbeth who was trusted by king. If I don’t tell, I will not only betray king and I will also betray Duncan’s son Malcolm. Malcolm, who heads to England where he hopes to build an army to take back the kingdom from the evil, is a good man. I have to show loyalty to Malcolm by telling his father’s killer as a gift because he is the king first son and deserved to be a king. It is custom and it is the truth that is important to tell.

(He stand-up) I am becoming confused about this murder (head in his hands and shake his head) and I can’t express my suspicions to Malcolm because if I tell I will be at risk. And also I can’t tell about this murder because I must also look after my son (Pacing the room). Afterall, Fleance was the only one who was to become future king according to the witch’s prediction. Macbeth...

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