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Money Is The Root Of All Evil

1553 words - 7 pages

Alyiah Johnson


10 Block

The Truth about It


April: Daughter of Lauren

Lauren: Mother of April and Prostitute of James and Girlfriend of Jacob

James: Husband of Renée and Pimp of Goldie Street

Renée: Wife of James and Secret Lover of Jacob

Jacob: Boyfriend of Lauren and Secret Lover of Renee

Act 1

Scene 1- Lauren’s House

*As the sun being to rise April is returning home from her morning run and enters the house. Her mother, Lauren, is upstairs getting a hit she doesn’t notice the time.*

April: Mom? *she shouts* Where’s breakfast!? The bus will be here in 30 minutes!

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Once he arrives to Lauren’s house he knocks and is greeted by a very “high” Lauren.*

Lauren: *slurring speech*Where you been boy? I told you I’m ready work.

*James grabs her and leads her to the car. He takes her to his prostituting street. He promises her that he’ll take care of her. He kisses her and drives off. 3 o’clock rolls around and Lauren calls James so that he can come get her and get her home before April gets home. She gets home and changes into a suit. Now that she is no longer “high” she begins to cook dinner and April walks in.*

April: Hello.

Lauren: Hello, April, how as school?

April: Okay, I have a ton of homework and I’m hungrier than the Hulk.

Lauren:*slight chuckle* Well dinner will be ready soon.

April: How was work?

Lauren: Great, only a few irate customers.

April: Oh okay. That’s good. Well I’m going to start my work.

*April walks into the den and gets on the computer and Jacob enters the front door. Lauren looks up and smiles as a sign of acknowledgement. He walks over and kisses her cheek*

Jacob: Hey love!

Lauren: Hello.

Jacob: How are you?

Lauren: Good. And you?

Jacob: No drugs today?

Lauren: No.

Jacob: Good! I’m proud of you.

*They end the night with dinner and a family movie. The next morning is the same as the last except for one tragic event. Lauren the night before overdosed in the bathroom and was found by April after yet again she had no breakfast made for school. After her body was examined it was pronounced to her daughter that her mother had AIDS. Once returning home April found her mother’s journal, after reading April found out about her mother’s secret life. There was something her mother repeatedly wrote throughout her journal that stuck with her. It said “Money is the root of all evil.” Her mother was a prostitute not because that was what she wanted, but because the money was good. Also she found out her mother did drugs to cope with her secret life. April found out who her mother truly was.*

Act 2

Scene 1 James Bedroom

*James returns home late*

Renee: Jay, is that you?

James: Yeah!

*He walks into the room to find his wife in bed watching TV, but in actuality she was pondering on her day. While James was gone earlier, Renee had been doing some detective work and she found out about James’ secret life. She found that he had a secret stash in the shed in their backyard with over one hundred thousand dollars in a bag. She began to think of all the things she could have with that money being all hers, also he thought of all the fun she had with her secret lover Jacob as well and how much she’d love for it to be just the two of them. Also that same day she found out she was AIDS positive and knew it had to be James’ fault because she had no idea about Lauren and Jacob. After much deliberation she decides that James must die and she knew just how to do so.*

James: Hey Renee?

Renee: Yes?

James: I’m hungry.

Renee: Okay, I’ll fix...

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