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Modern Employee Motivation Essay

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The modern work place continues to evolve in today’s society and manager’s today are facing many new challenges that did not exist before when they are looking to motivate their employees. Historically, monetary incentives and gains were the best ways at making employees loyal. If you offered a person a good salary at their position with a promise of job security and the potential for progression through the company, you could get the work quality and efficiency that was necessary. However, today’s employees are a bit more complicated than that. When looking to motivate an employee in today’s workforce, taking into effect their personal morals and values may be just as important as any ...view middle of the document...

241). As a manager, instilling motivation in your employees is important so each employee will want to achieve their personal work goals and in turn their goals will be accomplished faster.
There are three basic types of motivation that can be offered at work, economic rewards, intrinsic satisfaction, and social relationships. Economic rewards have historically been the approach managers take when looking to motivate their employees. Offering them higher pay, more benefits, or even job security is the simplest way at attempting to motivate, however it may not always be the most effective. Intrinsic satisfaction has to do with the employee’s view of their own work. Often employees are given tasks without a full understanding of the overall goal behind the tasks. This is a big mistake, because the employee is going to lose desire to complete the task and will soon lose motivation. Every employee needs to truly believe that what they are doing is important to the overall success of the company. Social relationships includes how the employee feels in comparison to the company, and that can extend anywhere from friendships at work to their overall affiliation with the company. An employee can’t feel like they aren’t just an interchangeable piece of the company, they need to have some type of vested interest in the company. Whether it’s the friends they make at work or their desire to see the company succeed, there has to be something that creates a sense of involvement and connection an employee can make to their company.
If economic rewards are no longer the right answer to proper employee motivation, a manager must look for motivation methods that fit the feelings and beliefs of modern day employees. One value that young employees are regarding as important is the polishing of their trade. “The Work Foundation has named this trend of looking for employability for life - wanting to work for organisations where new skills can be developed” (Horner and Jones, 2003, p.14). Employees value their own abilities and an easy way to motivate is to provide opportunity for personal growth and skills development. Rather than providing job security, providing the opportunity for skills development gives an employee career security. This means that even if they lose their job with their current company, they will have the confidence and tools to succeed in their labor market. This method is perfect for smaller and less reputable firms or businesses that don’t have as many opportunities to offer promotions. Develop an employee’s skills by providing tasks that relate to that employee’s career interests. Managers should continue to challenge their employees with different tasks that allows them to gain new knowledge, rather than giving them the same monotonous desk work that causes frustration. If an employee falls into a routine of tasks with no variance, it is easy for them to become discouraged and question their potential for advancement. Once they begin to...

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