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Modern Artist From India Essay

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 10 Must-know Moderns from the Indian Subcontinent
Art is incomplete without the inclusion of Modern Artists of the Indian sub-continent. The moderns have an interesting way to express all pertaining to the modern plagues and pleasures.
Artsome lists 15 artists that have made global impact with their contributions to the artistic world.
1. Jagdish Chander (1954 to present)
Jagdish Chander’s art is an obsession with the figure which reflects an outlook which places humankind at the center of the universe.

Jagdish Chander's works highlight a statement that he repeats-'My struggle and ambitions have been for aesthetic and artistic integrity rather than personal fame'.

2. Achuthan Kudallur (1945 to present)
One of India's foremost abstract artists, Achuthan, a Kerala born artist, ...view middle of the document...

His paintings are narrative, and are known for the numerous figures that inhabit them, painted with immense precision and skill.

NS Harsha: Acrylic on linen. Indian Contemporary Art.

4. Mehlli Gobhai (1931 to present)
Gobhai paints in series. Using minimum strokes he represents the body, its form and structure in a simpler manner. His figures are cut down and completely pared of frivolous lines.

Mehlli Gobhai Art

5. C Douglas (1951 to present)
Abstract artist, C Douglas has been associated with a space between decomposition and rebirth, chaos and creativity, night and day.

C Douglas: The Fountain and the bird

6. Dharmanarayan Dasgupta (1939 to 1997)
Dasgupta is inspired by his own heritage. According to Dasgupta, his paintings reflect the middle class and their predicament. Through his canvases, he paints the sorrow, struggles and the injustices of the bourgeois who do not have a secure foot-hold in society.

Dharmanarayan Dasgupta: Untitled

7. Biren De (1926 to 2011)
Biren De is a pioneer of modernist art in India. Bracketed as a Neo-tantric painter, his efforts to find and create a philosophical language elevated him to the level of a spiritual guru or mentor.

The Three Vaishnavites By Biren De ,1955

9. Amit Ambalal (1943 to present)
Ambalal’s passion for art encompasses historical research, documentation and collection and organizing activities associated with art. His special interests are the Nathwara paintings of Rajasthan.

Amit Ambalal; 'Between the barking dogs and a painted - tiger I sleep'

10. Benode Behari Mukherjee (1094-1980)
One of the pioneers of Indian modern art, Benode Behari Mukherjee as a painter and as a celebrated muralist used the mode of artistic expression, working on subtle understanding of environmental and architectural nuances.

Laughter mid 20th century Benode Behari Mukherjee

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