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Mobile Number Portability Essay

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OK…So your tired of your current service provider. You’re tired of their sloppy customer service. Tired of having to speak to their discourteous customer representatives. Tired of receiving calls from unknown numbers in the middle of an important meeting only to hear “Kabhi Kabhi Aditi … ” being played and a mechanical female voice saying “Press 1 to set it as your callertune”. So…What ...view middle of the document...

Wondering what this is all about? can switch between service providers without having to change your number and you can do this irrespective of the technology that you use. In other words, if you have a CDMA mobile and want to switch to GSM network, you can go ahead and do it with glee

Of course, everything comes with a cost. But luckily in this case, the cost isn’t much high!! According to TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), subscribers should not be charged more than Rs.19/- for changing their service provider. Mobile services will be disrupted for a few hours when the transfer is in process but this is again a minor hiccup.

This service will initially be available only in metros and selected cities by early 2010. And thus arrives the much expected change in the telecom market!

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