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Mobile Bi Essay

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Mobile Business Intelligence has become hottest, emerging and fast growing trends in today’s life. The whole world is shifting from wired connection to wireless connection with smartphones. In Mobile Business Intelligence we can learn, how organizations are responding more rapidly to market changes and customer needs and how they are improving the customer satisfaction by advancing of time to information for detracting business decisions. This paper is intended to assess the current status and future plans that organizations have to deploy mobile enterprise applications. And I am going to explain the role of Mobile Business Intelligence in solving ...view middle of the document...

* To examine how Business Intelligence will look like on smaller screen.
* To report the study of critical publications, articles, researchers had research about this topic.
* To analyze the problems facing by customers by using Mobile BI.

The hottest trends in information technology is Mobile Bi which made very easy to use mobile equipment that has leading to more interest, informative, cooperative by executive level users.
With the arrival of portable devices like smartphones, tablet Pc’s and iPad, a new era of telecommunication have started several administrations are depending upon Mobile BI to make their daily decisions more than the desktops. As we are noticing delivery of data to mobile devices is having several ways to pass data like mailing, messaging, etc.
More organizations are depending on the devices like iPhone, Blackberry (providing by most of the companies for office purpose), smart phones, tablets, iPad which is sold by apple over 1 million in just three months. The screens are changed from monitors to laptops and now to smart phones. Everybody is going well by accessing information on small operating devices.

Mobile Bi is new to environment, so probably there is a possibility of getting future redundancy. While multiple Mobile BI tools address single project needs, then adopting a standard BI tool allows an enterprise economy of scale and consistent interfaces. We can imagine how the world is developing, let’s think about slate, from slate generation we reached to tablets generations, it is really an appreciable performance by Information technology.
Organizations are lack of many security mechanisms for devices like smartphones, tablets such as password authentication, data synchronization and data encryption.
To make secure high security standards, Mobile BI software platforms has to develop policy controls and authentication strategies to make Mobile BI larger and make as ease of use. It is the need to deliver data to those in the field in order to make time sensitive decisions that can affect the business operations. This ability will also assist the companies customers in a way that will help them operate in a competitive fashion against their market competitors.
Now a days employees are working from office, home or if there are in vacation they can complete work from there, it means facilities become more flexible that they can expect work when and where they want. Customers are interacting with media or business marketing via mobiles, smartphones.
We need to challenge to develop supporting mobile devices with different operating systems, platforms with timely and actionable business information. In inclusion to the issues surrounding data volumes and connectivity, organizations have to resolve issues related to device to make display screen little bit larger in real estate and security of the device. The screen's size allows only a limited amount of information to be displayed...

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