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Mixed Economy Essay

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Assessment of PMI through Benchmarking

Power Management Institute (PMI), NOIDA, the apex training institute of NTPC, has over the years trained a large number of professionals from NTPC, State Electricity Boards and other power utilities in the country. Also, PMI delivers programs to Power Sector companies at their locations in South Asia, Gulf and African countries. In the year 2014-15, PMI has trained 8,175 employees of NTPC and 1,190 employees of other power utilities. PMI got AICTE approval and recently launched an Executive MBA program for power professionals of the country.
Given this background, an assessment of PMI through benchmarking can help in understanding its internal processes and adapting outstanding practices from other organizations considered to be ...view middle of the document...

Secondary source data will be mainly related to the following aspects:
* Permanent faculty profile of the institute;
* Training programs;
* Companies’ HRD initiatives;
* Methodology related to benchmarking; and
* Literature on different frameworks for development of training institutes.
Primary source data will be collected through observation, informal discussion and case studies (if case leads are found) these data will be collected from the in-house training institutes of the six Maharatna companies mentioned below.

In-house Training Institute | Maharatna Company |
3. IIPM, Gurgaon | IOCL |
4. MT,I Ranchi | SAIL |
5. IICM, Ranchi | CIL |
6. ONGC Academy, Dehradun | ONGC |

Data will pertain to the six factors mentioned in the objectives. Future plan regarding expansion and diversification of the institute will be obtained through one to one discussion with the Head of the institute/ a senior level faculty member.
Expert Opinion: After getting the primary source data on future plans of the institutes, a checklist will be prepared for future expansion and diversification ideas. The same checklist can be sent to different subject matter experts regarding their view points.

Time Frame
* Data collection (secondary sources) 3 weeks
* Data collection (primary sources) 3 weeks
* Expert opinion 2 weeks
* Data Analysis & draft report 3 weeks
* Final report (after comment) 1 week
* Total 12 weeks

Limitations of the study
The study will not look into the following aspects
* Qualitative aspects of the training programs
* Cost comparison of the training institutes
* Faculty effectiveness, employee motivation, etc. of the institutes.

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