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Mississippi Burning Essay

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1. What is the movie about?

Mississippi Burning is movie that’s based on true incidents. It is about the segregation and racism in the Southern States and a great example of KKKs racist actions. In 1964 two FBI agents have been sent down to the southern states to investigate the disappearing of three civil rights activists, which were last seen in a small town in Mississippi. As the two agents have different backgrounds they tend to handle things dissimilar. The younger agents name is Alan Ward, and he does everything by the book. He’s much tensed about his job, and takes everything serious. He’s also officially the leader of the operation. The older agent is Rupert Anderson, and he’s ...view middle of the document...

The sheriff was the man, who beat his wife; Anderson is now taking this case personally and gets forced by the sheriff. So he’s taking one of the criminals “out for a little ride” and gets more information out of him. But Anderson does what it takes, breaking the law, and taking the case personal. That is what opens my eyes for that he’s the real hero.

3. Explain what you think is meant by Ward's comment to Anderson: "Some things are worth dying for" and the reply, "Some things are worth killing for"

“Some things are worth dying for”: Wards thinking that, the boys who died, did that whole America opened their eyes and thought, racism is bad, that it's worth dying for.
“Some things are worth killing for” Andersons quote is for the peoples in Mississippi and its meaning that the folks in Mississippi is thinking that they will kill for not having black in their city, and proving that the “whites” religion is the only one.
4. If asked, Anderson would probably say that the end justifies the means. What are the things that he, Ward or other FBI men do that could be said to be wrong in themselves but which are done for good reasons.

One of them could be where Anderson is creating a sensual relationship to the sheriffs wife, its wrong but it’s done for good reasons, and I think that he knows that se would get some punches and stuffs, but he need to do that so they can finish this crime scene.
5. What is your response to this particular philosophy; do you think that the end can justify the means?

Yes it is okay, because if you’re a cop you need to do everything to finish your case and then get prestige. But if you don’t use the “dirty tricks” then where will be times when you fail, and then can’t finish you’re cases...

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