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Mis In The Trade Industry Essay

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Describe the industry within with the organisation operates, and identify and describe the following:-
a) The role Information Systems (IS) currently play in the industry.
b) The changes within Information Systems which are contributing to changes within the industry and how?


The Traditional Trade Industry

The Trade Industry contributes to a significant amount Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in countries. In the 1900’s the trade industry was costly and time consuming for good to leave one border to another. The trade industry was termed one of cargo shipping and container trucking.

Global Trade Industry (Modern)

A revolution has slowly been taking ...view middle of the document...

Trinidad and Tobago Trade Industry provides businessmen with Information Communication Technology headquarters of the region. Thus the advancement of Information Systems in Trinidad and Tobago has made Trinidad the most attractive country in the region to set up a business for the purpose of trading.

Information Systems company in Trinidad and Tobago contributes an estimated 3.5 % to the Trinidad and Tobago Economy in areas such as Telecommunications and Professional and Technological Services. Global Information Communication Technology Companies that operates in Trinidad and Tobago are Fujitsu, Microsoft and HP.

Information Communication Systems provides labour, professional and skilled labour with four hundred (400) Information Systems graduates entering the market each year.

Information Systems is currently playing major role in the Global Trade Industry. It is a changing developing tool which is supporting the trade industry. Whilst providing analysis of the industry for faster delivery and reliability within the Industry.

Information Systems are enabling goods to move over greater distances in less time. Information Systems is currently helping the trade industry by stream lining all aspects of the industry by improving operating activities and cash flows thus lowering cost supplies and operations.

Information Systems also reduces paper cost as all information and data can be stored electronically. Sorting and filling systems are becoming eaier and less tedious with the trade industry. Records can also be kept for longer period of time without having to pay storage fees.
Front Cost and maintenance are also decreased with the use of information systems.

Role Information Systems currently play in the Local Trade Industry.

According to Trinidad and Tobago Trade Sector Assessment “The sixth priority is information technology (IT). IT experts who would look at the hardware, software, and network needs specific to the management of trade policy, trade negotiations and export-import statistics.” This report was published 2002 and indicates the government the initiative to implement information systems in the trade industry to ensure efficiency and accessibility of information for the trading

Information Systems is enabling players in the local Trade Industry to access information and data anywhere with an Internet connect. Also sharing of information through a server will play major role in the trade industry to ensure quick availability of information and data.

Greater invoicing control and regulation is being achieved by information systems.

With respect to retailing trade industry information systems security clearance is faster. Electronic filing system is more cost efficient. Thus reducing the use of paper within the industry.

b) The changes within Information Systems which are contributing to changes within the industry and how?...

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