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Mis Business Essay

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STEPS IN WRITING THE PAPER 1. CHOOSE A TOPIC. Make certain that a topic can be adequately handled. While the topic must not be too broad, it must be one for which you can locate enough material. “The Human Body” and “Counselling” are too broad. “The Effects of Malnutrition on the Human Body” and “Counselling the Drug Abuser” are more realistic. Writing on a subject that interests you lightens the work. 2. RESEARCH THE TOPIC. Go to the library and search the catalog for books on your topic. Go to the periodical indexes to find related journal articles. If you cannot determine the appropriate terms to look up, consult the librarian. Check the subject in a general and a specialized encyclopedia ...view middle of the document...

Never use sources from unknown 8 contributors. Web sites of individuals or unfamiliar groups are often suspect and should not be cited for information unless you are certain of the trustworthiness of the person or group. Any material gathered from the Web must cite the actual day, month, and year it was seen as well as the URL (Web address). Printing a copy of the Web page is advised for reference purposes. Web pages are not permanent and a printed copy will allow the researcher to make continued use of information that may no longer be available electronically. 4. ORGANIZE YOUR MATERIAL and then draw up an outline for the order in which you will present the data. 5. WRITE THE PAPER in your own words. Give credit for all ideas and materials borrowed. 6. EDIT THE PAPER. Read through the entire paper, checking for errors in spelling, punctuation, choice of words, paragraphing, and bibliographic form. Even the grammar and spelling checker on a computer will not find all errors or misused words. Make corrections as you rewrite the paper. Edit again. The final draft copy, whether typed, printed, or handwritten, must be as nearly perfect as possible. 7. COMPLETE THE PAPER. Construct all necessary components of the paper such as table of contents, reference notes, bibliography, and any other part. 8. PRODUCE THE FINAL DRAFT OF THE PAPER. If the final draft is professionally typed on a computer or typewriter, the writer is responsible for informing the typist of the style to employ. 9. PROOFREAD the final typed copy for errors and make corrections. 9 DOCUMENTATION AND...

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