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Mis 1 Essay

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1. Define the term knowledge worker. “Who coined the term?
Peter Drucker coined the term knowledge worker in the 60s and it means professionals who are relatively well educated and who create modify and synthesize knowledge as a fundamental part of their jobs.

2. Describe and contrast the economic, cultural, and technological changes occurring in the digital world.
The digital world has changed everything, economically, culturally and technologically. The changes have been remarkable. For example, the most well paid people are knowledge workers. In addition, the technology has advance at an incredible pace. For example, the computers, the cloud in which you can save any info, outsourcing, etc. culturally beacause the world ...view middle of the document...

(allowed different companies all over the world to communicate between them)

5. Compare outsourcing offshoring and offshore outsourcing.

* Outsourcing is the moving of business processes or task (such as accounting or security) to another company
* Offshore outsourcing is the oursource business processes on a global scale for example outsource customer service functions such as call centers
* Is fucntions by the same company in another countries (a company have a branch in rusia by the availability of highly skilled people.

6. Describe insourcing and provide examples of how organizations use insourcing

7. List and describe several reasons why companies are choosing to outsource business activities
8. List and contrast several challenges of operating in the digital world
9. Define the term “information system” and explain its data, technology, people, and organizational components.
10. Define and contrast data, information and knowledge
11. Describe three or four types of jobs and career opportunities in information systems and in related fields
12. List and define three technical knowledge and/or skills core competencies
13. List and define four business knowledge and/or skill core competencies
14. List and define four of the systems knowledge and/or skill core competencies
15. List and define five types of information systems used in organizations
16. Describe the evolution of the information systems functions within organizations
17. How the digital divide and computer literacy related?
18. Compare and contrast information privacy, accuracy, property, and accessibility

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