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Miracle In Cell No. 7 Essay

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During my first encounter with Miracle in Cell No. 7, I burst out into laughter because of Lee Yong Goo, the father of Yea Song, because he’s like a kid. I admire him because every sacrifices he’s doing is all for the sake of her child’s happiness. Even thought he’s childish, he never fail to take good care of his daughter. I am also glad with Yea Song, because even though her father acts like a kid, she always manages to wear a smile at all times and he loves her father extremely. ...view middle of the document...

I got pissed because Lee Yong Goo didn’t got the justice he deserves. Authority accused him directly without even asking what was really happened. Tears came rushing from my eyes when the moment Yea Song saw his father being pushed on a police vehicle. She’s crying so hard, because she isn’t aware of what was happening. All that she knows is, he’s father is not in a good situation. I also got annoyed with Lee Yong Goo because all he’s saying in that very moment is only the name of her daughter. Not clarifying everything unto Yea Song. I pity them because I know that it’s hard to be apart with the ones you love, most especially with those who’s always there by your side.   When Lee Yong Goo arrived in the prison, he’s cell buddies beat him up when they read he’s criminal case, not knowing that Lee Yong Goo is a innocent man. I got angry with them by doing such thing. Even though they did that to Lee Yong Goo, he still is a good man for helping one of his cell buddies. Lee Yong Goo defended him with one of the prisons who have a bad intention to him.When   Lee Yong Goo saw a pointed thing on the hand of one of the prisoners, he got curious. When he figured out that the intension of the prisoner is to stab his cell buddy, he rush immediately to catch the attack. It then turned out that he’s the one who got wounded

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