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Minium Wage Should Remain The Same

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Julie Moua
Minium Wage Should Remain The Same.
Do you think increasing or decreasing the minium wage will solve any problem or make more problems. I believe that it does not give a remedy of solving any problems such as in these areas. Unemployment, Proverty, and Lower chance of getting a job.The minimum wage should remain the same not decreased or increased.
Consequently, people tend to believe that if you increased the wage it'll cause unemployment but ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, there is proof of increasing minimum wage will result in unemployment.
Futhermore, supporters argue that is an effective way of anti-poverty tool. Business pay their low wage workers more and fewer of them should live in proverty.Higher wage should fight proverty. However, labor economists have repeatedly studied the effects of wage increase.They find no correlation between higher wage and lower poverty. Raising the wage to $9 an hour would not reduce poverty. According to the saying of labor economist I also believe it because there is no evidence of lower wage cause poverty I would believe it has to do more with how people deals with their savings.
Moreover, several academics studies have found that increasing minimum wage had no significant effect on employment levels in this country. Since, it is to be said that increasing wage will not cause the possibilty of getting a job. As of the result, I agree with the studies they made because there is no sign of wage would cause possibility of getting hired.
In conclusion, the minimum wage has nothing to do with unemployment, poverty, and the chance of getting hired. I strongly agree that the minimum wage should stay in it's place and leave it how it is.

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