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Mind, Body, Spirit Essay

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I always try to leave people better than I find them. It sounds simple, but I truly value working hard, serving others and building friendships. These values come from my Catholic faith and family tradition. In this essay I will help you see who I am in light of these values, without creating a false impression of myself. In order to give you the clearest picture, I will describe my personal growth over the past year through three different facets of my life: Mind, Body, and Spirit.
Mind: I have always had a creative mind and the ability to see the world differently. This helps me to make people laugh, build friendships, as well as solve problems in school. For example, during a ...view middle of the document...

More importantly, I am more confident. This confidence has motivated me to shadow at a physical therapy clinic to see how professional therapists treat patients. The knowledge and experience I have gained through this has enabled me to help others. For example, my friends now ask me to show them how to work out. I really love inspiring others like my brother inspired me.
Spirit: This has been a year of profound spiritual growth for me as well. The most significant experience was my school mission trip to Nicaragua this past spring. During this trip, I had many spiritual moments. One such moment occurred when we visited a Catholic Nicaraguan high school. I was excited to be visiting with kids my own age. When we walked into their classroom, we sat in a circle, but on opposite sides of the room. From the beginning, they remained quiet and reserved. After a while, I stood up and suggested that we should alternate the seating; one Nicaraguan student and one American...

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