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Milk Is Bad Essay

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From the time you were born until now, no matter what age you are, you were brought up believing milk was good for you. It provided calcium, prevented osteoporosis, and even aided weight loss. Each doctor’s appointment I had as a child, I can remember my doctor asking me, “Have you had your glass of milk today?” Then my eyes would light up with pride and I’d say, ”Oh why sure I did doctor!” That was my answer up until I realized to become a pediatrician you needed exactly three hours of training in nutrition. Pasteurized farm milk is bad for you.
Consider this: we are the only animal on the planet that continues to drink milk after that first transitioning phase when our mother’s feed us. If that’s not convincing enough then consider this: Cow’s milk has three times the protein human’s milk has and almost no fat. In comparison, human’s milk has twice the carb count and ...view middle of the document...

The issue with lactose is that by the time most humans reach late childhood/adolescence scientists average 70% of us lose the enzyme that enable our bodies to break down this sugar. Without this enzyme active, our valves become backed up and our stomachs feel intense cramping which all means that you are indeed lactose intolerant.
Now, if you’re beginning to wonder about calcium, the next sentence will surely surprise you. The consumption of milk contributes to a deficiency in calcium. Vegans have been shown to have higher bone density than meat eaters of the same age, and countries that have the highest dairy intake also have the most osteoporosis (Allergies, Disease in Disguise, Carolee Bateson-Koch, ND). Why? This is because when calcium enters the digestive tract Phosphorus binds to it which in turn makes the calcium less absorbable. The calcium found in cow’s milk happens to be particularly low in comparison to other foods such as human’s milk, kelp and kale. Also, when you can’t digest lactose your body produces lactic acid which binds with Magnesium and, unfortunately, makes the calcium less absorbable as well. Then on top of all that, the pasteurization of cow’s milk reduces approximately 50% of calcium. Therefore, the thought that cow’s milk is a good supplier of calcium is in fact a misconception.
Then on top of every other unappealing thing you’ve learned about cow’s milk get this: to prevent diseases in the milk due to living conditions in farm factories antibiotics, pesticides, and chemicals are inserted into the milk you drink. Also, the Bovine Growth Hormone used in cow’s milk is not one you want in your body and is one that is also used in “organic” milk.
In conclusion, cow’s milk holds nothing nutritional that you could not find elsewhere and backs your valves up while inserting chemicals into your body. So next time you’re about to take a drink of milk, maybe think twice or three times.

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