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Milk Essay

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Many organizations regardless of specific type of work have many ethical decisions to be made at all levels within the organization. At Aegis Defense Services those ethical decisions are made 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and made in split seconds. The topic of ethical decision making will show the true nature of Aegis’s work force, of which is being paid for by your and my tax dollars. Ethical circumstances are seen differently threw eyes of those who experience them. An honest person who has been threw stressful life and death ethical situations will say that being able to have a clear conscience at the end of your day is all that matters.
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With constant rigorous training and repetitive deployments, the retention rate is fairly low. A special on the Public Broadcasting Service series Frontline “Private Warriors,” the question is brought up of how much do private contractors get paid? “Money is a prime motivator for those working in Iraq. Guards for private security firms can typically make between $400 and $600 per day. Guards employed by Blackwater, a high-profile American company that guarded Ambassador Paul Bremer, the former head of the CPA, are paid up to $1000 per day.” With those numbers in mind that is the largest reason for the even lower retention in the military.
In essence that ex-Navy Seal member would make upwards of $200,000 to basically do the same job as they did when they were in the military. Aegis hardly spends any more additional funds to train the prior military, since they already know almost everything they will need to do to complete their security mission. Although Aegis security personnel in Iraq are armed with weapons they are not allowed to conduct offensive missions. Meaning they are not allowed to hunt and destroy insurgents, but they do have weapons and specially designed vehicles to defend themselves if
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threatened. This defensive action has been brought up in military investigations of how Aegis security runs their convoys during operations in Iraq.
Military members deploying to Iraq are taught the Escalation of Force (EOF) to dictate how to respond to incidences in a time of war in a foreign country. This model is used by all Coalition Forces in Iraq, it is a basic fundamental to escalate or deescalate a situation that may lead up to the use of deadly force. The understanding comes from a need to defend one’s self or injury to other friendly units from bodily harm or death. The Department of the United States Army’s Center for Lessons Learned Publication 07-21: Escalation of Force Handbook, is a legal standing document that states what use of force is needed for specific situations. While many who are trained on this are very basic of soldiers, completing duties that may not even include the use of weapons while in the country. The employees of Aegis have been skillfully trained on the subject while they were in the military and now as private contractors in Iraq.
The EOF is set to utilize the least amount of force possible, ensuring the member uses proper ethical judgment. Inside the handbook is the EOF which is “1. Shout” to attempt to gain the attention of the subject you are feeling danger from, “2. Shock” visually or audibly show your intentions of the subject to comply with your measures, “3.Shoot” fire warning shot and if that fails to stop threat from subject shoot to stop their actions. While this theory may look good on paper, in real life the actions between shout and shoot are only separated by seconds. While many basic soldiers may have a grasp on the EOF, the private security contractors are experts in the...

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