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Military Veterans Essay

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Military veterans, from any branch of the service, often have very desirable skills that can assist them in transitioning from military life, to civilian life, and do so successfully. Military training can help prepare soldiers to thrive in various careers ranging from health care, food service, carpentry, aviation, police work and counter terrorism. In the case of Robbie Doughty, Michael Llitch was moved by Robbie’s story. Robbie’s courage, perseverance, and never say die attitude impressed Michael Llitch. These personality traits, along with the intense training programs designed to teach soldiers how to operate under a tremendous amount of physical and mental stress make them ideal candidates for civil service positions. Civil service has long been an attractive career opportunity for military veterans, due to the fact they can continue to use the skills they acquired during their military service, to make positive changes within their ...view middle of the document...

Infact, there are quite a few. Among them, are the private military contractors such as Xe Services LLC, formally known as BLACKWATER USA. A private security company created by former Navy SEAL, Eric Prince. Founded in 1997, Xe Services provides security, transportation, and consultation to its clients, and is currently serving in Afganastan and Iraq under contract with the United States government, and they activly recruit former military members to perform the dangerous duties asked of them. A multi-million dollar company, Xe Services LLC is marketed on the basis of having professional military members staffing its ranks. The real world experience of it’s staff is what allowed this company to earn so much money. Real world experience is also the reason another entrepreneur, former Navy SEAL, Mike Noell, founder of BLACKHAWK, a company that produces some of the most polular equipment for both military and police members, as well as civilian buyers. Some of BLACKHAWK’s most polular products are the Serpa Holsters. A series of weapon holsters designed for speed and security, allowing a fast draw, and rentention to avoid the weapon being taken off the owner. Availabele for both a police officer’s duty rig, and a concealed carry role, BLACKHAWK holsters are extremely popular. Mike Noell has been quoted saying “If I get out of this one alive, I will make this stuff the way it needs to be built so none of my buddies have to go through this” referring to equipment failurs he experienced while serving in the military. Engineering a product to help those doing the job you once did is a good way to use your skills to be a success. Another option, is to train military and police members. Retired U.S. Army special forces Sergant Major Kyle E. Lamb, president of Viking Tactics, is one such example. Drawing on combat experience from Mogadishu, Iraq, and Afganastan, Kyle Lamb is one of the leading trainers of military and police within the United States. Having served in argueably the most elite military unit in the world, Kyle Lamb has achived an amazing amount of sussess in the tactical training industry. It is this experience, drive, and innovation, that is needed in order to capitalize, franchise, and succeed.

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