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Military Power Essay

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United States of America: Dominating the World Military Powers
Since the beginning of time, the strength of the World Leaders is directly affected by the strength of its military. It is nearly impossible for a Nation to be a world “power house” without the strength of a dominating military force. This statement holds truth when you look at the United States military and how it has shaped the balance of the United States’ influence throughout the world. Although the United States military force has constantly changed over the years; it still remains as the driving force behind the machine known as the United States. America’s military force has always been a threat, and began to emerge ...view middle of the document...

The navy was fortified, the air force was created and the army became the best in the world. Indeed the 20th century showed that America was ready to begin to separate itself from the rest of the world’s military powers. But the 21st century showed that American was ready to asset its dominance!
The New Military
During the 21st century America soared past the competition to rise as the undisputed military power. At the beginning of the 21st century this power would be tested by terrorist oppositions. On September 11, 2001, perhaps the most catastrophic event taken place on American soil; planes hijacked by jihad extremist, would crash into major American buildings causing an unmeasurable amount of despair. This attack would mark the start of America’s next war; the war against terrorism. During the war on terror, American military forces would take the fight to terrorist and those condoning terrorist/terrorist actions. This war would see the American military take on terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda, and take down some of the most wanted criminals in the world (i.e. Osama bin Laden and Sadaam Hussein); a true form of military power.
New innovations in technology were introduced throughout the 21st century, and reshaped the world that was known. This in turn provided the American military with new resources to accomplish its mission. New and improved naval ships, aircraft that can go undetected by enemy radar and sophisticated communication for ground troops drastically enhanced military capability. Unmanned aircraft and advance weaponry (such as improved ICBMS, targeting systems) also played a vital role in asserting American military power. While all of these things showcased...

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