Military Discipline Essay

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Discipline and standards define what it means to be an Army professional.
Through the
teaching and
of Army standards and
we honor
and respect the rich heritage
the Army is founded upon
, w
hile also
ensuring the future success of the Army
inspiring us
to adh
ere to and exceed the standard.
Standards and d
iscipline are the foundation of
is professional
ly, legally, and morally correct and as such instill
trust in
selves and
fellow S
. It is this definitive trust in one another, in our leaders,
in the Army that
molds and strengthens our esprit de corps, sense of pride
and our Army culture.
The maintenance of self
discipline is a primary ...view middle of the document...

The absence of
negatively impact
the hierarchical rank system within the
. A lack of discipline
diminishes the sustainability and readiness of our force and destroys the
trust, good faith,
and hope the American public has placed in the hands of the Army.
Discipline is not punishment. Discipline is
or. Discipline
an attitude
Discipline is
why and how of being
Army leader. Standards provide a method t
o measure
performance and ensure that we excel in our
unique corps of professionals.
desirable, the achievab
le, and the measurable success
of an Army professional
. Standards
raise the bar to hold us to
higher expectation
of excellence indicative to the
of arms.
our years of war, transition, and growth,
the constant practice of discipline
and standards
has allowed us to maintain our
of highly trained,
, and disciplined
and standards are the only way to maintain the order necessary to
accomplish our mission, to serve our country, and
protect the
and truths of an Army
discipline and the moral courage to do what is right is often a
battle of
intestinal fortitude.
However, in
any battle we do not stand alone, but with the support of our
seniors, peers, and subordinates.
As Army professionals
we do not shrug away from battle
leave fallen comrades.
Discipline and standards are n
complicated, or hard to
. Discipline and standards
the why and
the how of being an Army

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