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Midterm Is Intending, Time Flies Essay

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Midterm is intending, time flies

Late march, the mid-term period for most students in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is approaching and it induces a stressful and tensing atmosphere around the campus.

As the observation in the library, over 90 per cents of the chairs are filled, and all the tables are paved with thick books and messy notes. “There are more and more students wandering around the library. This place is getting noisy,” complained by the staff at the circulation counter, Ms Cheng, “Students tend to study when examinations are under their very nose.”

“It is becoming harder and harder for us to find seat. I have to get up earlier in the morning in order to guarantee a ...view middle of the document...

It also means the Annual General Meetings will start to hold. “It is definitely a tough time for sub-committee like us. Each AGMs take us 12 hours. We also need to spend a lot of time in preparing the meetings, for instance, writing agendas, producing financial reports and the annual year plan,” said the proposed chairperson of the Financial Society, Chan Tai Man, “We have nearly no time for sleeping. How can we squeeze the time for studying mid-terms?”

“My son is currently studying the University of Stress and Tension,” said Mrs Lam sorrowfully, “Recently he joined a mentoring programme and he have to attend lessons almost every night. Together with the scheduled examination at night, he has not come home for dinner for a week already. And he study until 4am every day. I am worry about his health. I have read the news saying that a month ago, a student died during his studying at night.”

Professor Lee Ka Ho said that mid-term is essential for every subject because they have to know whether their students understand the lectures or not. At the same time they can evaluate the performance of their students and make necessary changes in the course content. “Honestly, time management is also what students should learn during their study at the university.” he emphasized, “They have to know what they should do and what they should give up. And they should have a plan balancing everything like time for relaxing, time for working and also time for catering.”

Up till now, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is well known for its heavy work load of homeworks and examinations. In return, it is also proud of its high ranking among the university worldwide.

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