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Microsoft Case Analysis

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Microsoft Displays
The objective of this marketing research study is to investigate whether the displays of Neolux Corporation are as effective as they claim. This study will determine whether or not the displays are capable of increasing sales. This study will also determine if the displays are appealing for retailers as well as consumers. This study will show conclusive evidence of the displays sales capability. The study will show conclusive evidence of appeal to retailers.
* Market Research steps
Marketing Research Steps:
1. Establish the need for marketing research:
* Determine whether or not the displays ...view middle of the document...

Establish research objectives:
* Determine who would purchase a Segway and what they would pay for a Segway from regular consumers, workers, and industrial venues through various forms of media. These forms of media include telephone interviews, email, and direct response questionnaires.
4. Determine the research design:
* Identify which retailers find the display appealing
* Among the identified retailers select locations to test run the displays.
* Use selected products for the displays to determine sales volume of products with displays compared to those without displays
* Identify sample of 500 potential industrial venues (Ex. Distribution center).
5. Identify information types and sources:
* Primary data
* Data is collected specifically for problems being evaluated

6. Determine the methods for accessing the data:
* computer assisted questions (online, mobile, email surveys)

7. Design the data collection forms:
* Questionnaire
8. Sample plan
* Sample of potential retailers will be randomly selected from pool of retailers whom we already conduct business with. However the pools from which the retailers are chosen from will be segmented according to sales volumes. Retailers from the top 33.3%, middle 33.3%, and the bottom 33.3%.
9. Collect the data:
10. Analyze the data:
* The report includes charts displaying the sales comparisons of each segment.
11. Prepare the final report

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