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Microbiology Essay

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MLT1 – Lab Report 1 Bacterial Morphology


Performed at Home


Bacterial Morphology

A. Comparing Observations from Mounting Techniques

Four mounting techniques were used during this experiment which included the fresh

wet mount, direct staining using crystal violet, and indirect staining using both Congo Red and

crystal violet. There was a liquid appearance in the wet mount slides with the cells

appearing very similar in color to the liquid from the sample. The cells and their borders

in the wet mounts were not as distinct in appearance as in the staining methods. While the

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In the wet mount of yeast, cocci were visualized. It was difficult

to determine the morphology of the cells in the wet mount cheek smears. Both the cheek

smear and the yeast slide contained cocci on the direct staining slides and the plaque smear

contained both cocci and bacillus. Cocci were also viewed on the yeast slide that had been

indirectly stained. The use of different stains appeared to play a large role in the ability to

determine the different shapes of the bacteria in the specimens.

C. Comparing Direct and Indirect Staining

The difference in direct and indirect stains is a result of the acidity of the dye. Direct

staining uses dyes such as crystal violet or methylene blue and is basic. The colored portion of

the basic dye contains a positive charge and when combined with the negatively charged

cytoplasm of bacteria, the bacteria become directly stained with a purple hue. Indirect

staining uses dyes such as Congo red, nigrosin or India ink and is acidic. The colored portion of

the acidic dye contains a negative charge and when combined with the negatively charged

cytoplasm of bacteria, it dyes the area around the bacteria and leaves the bacteria colorless.

The yeast smears appeared very similar with each staining method however, they were

more clearly defined and more pronounced when directly stained. Although the cells in the

cheek smear slide using indirect staining appear to be stained rather than the background, the

cells are more defined than in the direct staining slide. In the direct staining plaque slide, there

is a bacteria that appears to be spiral shaped...

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