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Miami School District Negotiation paper
Mike Austin
MGT 445- Organizational Negotiations
August 8, 2011
Carlos Campos

Miami School District Negotiation paper
The Miami school district had an unexpected increase in the school’s enrollment. With the enlarged enrollment, the district, forced to look at the upcoming school year and the boundaries of the school district. The Miami school district will work with experts to redraw the boundaries of the school district to help reduce the size of the school enrolment. Therefore, with the boundaries redrawn some students will attend the upcoming school year at a different school. The parents, of the students attending Miami schools are ...view middle of the document...

For some of the parents he-she has purchased a house in the Miami school district because of the type of education his or her child will receive while attend school and now his or her child may have to attend a school that has lower standards.
Increased travel Time
With some of the students transferred from the Miami school district to another district will now have to ride busses longer to get to and from school. With the new boundaries, forcing students to attend a different school parents worry about the safety of the older students driving further to school, in good and bad weather. With the increased travel adds extra expense for the gas and maintenance of the student’s vehicle, which most parents have not included in his or her budgeted.
* Crossing economic and cultural boundaries
* Miami school district has an overall family income than other surrounding schools so parents are concerned about his or her child attending a school, which has less fortunate students attending. The parents of the transferring students are worried that his or her child’s education will not be as high because the teachers will spend more time with the slower or less fortunate students. Looking at the cultural difference between Miami school district and other surrounding districts a good student or athlete may not receive a scholarship to attend college because of the recognition that the new school receives during the school year. The cultural differences between the schools can lead to bulling of the new student, introducing the student to drugs or a gang, which leads to peer pressure and stress, which the student is, not accustom too. The bottom line is parents are worried will all the new changes the student will not reach his or her full potential while attending the new school.
Affect on property values
By Miami, school districts changing the schools boundaries parents worry that the value of his or her house will decline because of the school district, and the location of his or her house. Currently the Miami school district families are in the upper income class so the surrounding area and house are nice and well kept and corruption is low. With the new school boundaries, many of the homes values will decline and the market for perspective buyers will decline. Parents that are business owners in the area are concerned that with the change in boundaries the stores revenue will reduce because of families moving out of the area to get a better education for his or her child.
Social effects on children
The social effects on the students because of the new school boundaries are hard to determine. However, the parents do know the new school his or her child will attend in the upcoming school year has many issues. Some of the issues...

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