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Mi Care Plan Essay

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The health belief model is a paradigm used to predict and explain health behavior. The health belief model was developed to describe why people failed to participate in programs to detect or prevent disease. The model has been expanded to explain responses to symptoms, disease, prescribed treatments, and potential health problems (Glanz et al., 2003). The health belief model and social learning theory assist the nurse in formulating an action plan that meets the needs and capabilities of the individual making health behavior changes. (Edelman 248-249)
The following components of the health belief model provide guidelines for nurses to analyze factors that contribute to a person's perceived state of health or risk of disease and to the individual's probability of making an appropriate plan of action:
• Individual perceptions or readiness for change
• The value of health to the individual compared with other aspects of living
• Perceived susceptibility to a health problem, ...view middle of the document...

Nursing Diagnosis: Knowledge Deficit Myocardial infarction regarding cause/treatment of condition, and self care. Evidences By: patient saying “these changes are very overwhelming” Assess patient/family level of knowledge and ability/desire to learn/change. This is necessary for the creation of individual instruction plan. Reinforce expectation that this will be a learning experience, and that the patient verbalizes and identifies misunderstandings and allows for clarification. Need to be alert of signs of avoidance like “changing the subject from the information being presented or extremes of behavior like withdrawal”. Natural defense to go through change after, emotions can be anger, denial, can block learning and affecting the patient’s response and ability to soak in information. May need to change to less formal style till patient/family is ready to accept and deal with current situation. Presenting information in varied learning formats like videos, books, literature, group activities, and question and answer sessions. Because using multiple learning methods enhance understanding and grasping the material. Educate patient/family what a MI is and use visuals, on who, what, how and why it occurred. What can be done to prevent it from happening again?
Healthy eating is important and it can help prevent, besides prevent disease, heart disease. Stressing/encouraging patient/family taking control of their health and the benefits of doing so will keep them healthy and help them to heal faster. Boost the mood of patient/family. Provide patient/family to assume control/participation in diet and rehabilitation. Provide guidelines for gradual increase activity. The patient needs to be encouraged to gradually increase activity, then strength increases. Identify alternate activities for bad weather days, can walk in mall in house of go swimming. This provides the patient/family continuing daily activities.

Desired Outcome for patient/family; verbalizing understanding of condition, potential complications, and risk factors. “Verbalizes understanding of therapeutic regimen.” “Verbalizes that I can do this and am feeling better one day at a time/family member verbalizes supporting patient and encouraging patient.” “Family and patient doing life style changes together.”

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