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Mgt/431 Training Abd Development Plan Essay

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Training and Development Plan

Training and Development Plan

Maria Correia Lange, Terry Billow, Marco Mendoza & Michael Grant II

MGT/431 Human Resources Management
Dr. Penny Wilkins

March 15, 2010

Organizations big or small have a leader who helps create a vision and carry out the company goals. Leaders have the ability to simply influence others. “They are the painters of the vision, architects of the journey.” ((Bateman & Snell, 2009) they are the creators of mental images for the future. They set the standards of excellence and clear choices of possible values and inspire pride.


SMC is a manufacturing company that specializes in ergonomic office ...view middle of the document...

SMC currently has 100 employees in manufacturing, operations and customer service that only hold a minimum of a high school diploma and or GED. The current problem facing SMC is the recent supply and demand in product and services. The output needs have to be increased by 100% and with no formal development plan in place SMC is faced with major challenges as to how to precede with the decision-making process.

The CEO and five directors got together and decided to hire Team Creatives Management Group. This outside contracting firm will evaluate and analyze the company, while designing a detailed training and development plan necessary to help SMC meet any current and future demands that will help them succeed. The implementation plan will include training and development in the areas of Marketing/Sales, Customer Service, Finance/Accounting, Operations, Manufacturing and HR. The plan will also include the facilitators responsible to carryout the training sessions and also the designated person or persons following-up on the effectiveness of the ongoing training sessions.

Evaluation of Training
Evaluating the effectiveness of training is important to determine the return on investment. Proving employees are retaining training skills and developing skills through the use of the training provided will determine future training programs. The usual way to measure whether participants have acquired information is to administer tests on paper or electronically (Noe, 2007). Paper tests will be administered right after the employee has completed the training program and again in three months. A review of the tests will reveal whether the employees are using the new skills or if the training program needs adjusting to meet the needs of the employees. The goal in training is to build a productive employee base to attain corporate goals.
It is important to retain valuable employees, with training programs and routine feedback employees will want to advance in the company when possible. Time invested in employees can be measure through end of year profit results. Training also can be measured with on-the-job use of knowledge, skills, and behaviors learned in training (Noe, 2007, p 233). The transfer of training can be measured with questions posed to employees and a review of the employees work performance....

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