Mgt/311 Individual Week 2 Essay

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Becoming Upper Management
Christi Merritt
September 30, 2013
Warner Anthamatten

Becoming Upper Management
In March of this year, I was offered the position of general manager at Which Wich?, where I was working as an assistant manager. That was an easy decision to make. I was already performing the work. My store caters as well as serving customers. Some catering orders have to be delivered, which is where my problem came into play. I did not have a car! I needed one in order to make deliveries. ...view middle of the document...

I decided to go to the dealership. After waiting around for over an hour, I learned that my credit would not allow me to buy a new car, even though I had the down payment required. I then went to the used car lot and left with a good utility truck that is big enough to deliver large catering orders.
My decision making process was very similar to the one described in the text. First I identified my problem (I needed a car). Second, I generated alternative solutions (buying a car). I then made the choice of where to buy a car. Next, I implemented my decision. After evaluating my decision, I realized that I had left out step 3 of the decision making process, evaluating my alternatives (Bateman & Snell, Chapter 3, 2011). Had I not skipped step 3, I would have looked at my credit and discovered that my credit was not bad. The problem was that I did not have enough credit. I would have went to the used car lot first and not wasted an entire day looking for a good car.

Bateman, T.S. & Snell, S.A. (2011). Management: Leading & collaborating in a competitive
world (9th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection.

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