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Mgmt570 Work Conflict Paper

1935 words - 8 pages

Course Project
MGMT570 – Managing Conflict in Workplace
September 2012


I. Work Environment
A. History of Bayou Sorrel Lock
B. What we do and how.
II. Background
A. What is the conflict and how did it begin?
1. What parties are involved?
a. What are their conflict handling styles?
2. Factors contributing to conflict
a. Different cultures
b. Communication failure
B. What has been done to mitigate the conflict?
i.i. What conflict handling modes have been utilized?
i.ii. Which mode was most ...view middle of the document...

There have been many instances here at where issues have arisen due to actions taken by personnel in a leadership position. Issues ranging from disgruntled employees, ineffective communication, poor customer service procedures and inappropriate workplace etiquette. The employees at the Lock structure are usually disgruntled about having to work 12 hour shifts and the fact that we are sometimes required working overtime, which takes away from quality time spent with family and friends. This in turn leads to them showing blatant disrespect towards the boat captains who navigate their boats and barges through the structure and they display poor time management skills.
The crew here works 12 hour shifts either starting at 0630 or 1830 every day. What I have noticed is that if a boat try’s to come thru the locks anytime from 30 – 45 minutes before turnover time, they will delay the boat until after turnover. I have even witnessed the on watch crew leave a boat locked in the locking mechanism for up to 1 hour because they wanted to make sure their relief did not show up while the boat was going thru, thereby delaying their turnover time. These actions create a hostile atmosphere between the boats that travel thru here and the shift workers. I think the problems which need to be addressed are workplace etiquette, proper communication procedures and an improvement in customer service skills. I think these problems are present within this organization because the employees here have no sense of urgency and feel as though they are for some reason, “better” than the customers who utilize the locks. This company has recently undergone a change in Leadership, due to a change in senior management. Hopefully this change in leadership will lead to increased operational efficiency, increased production, a higher level of morale, and an improvement in the work place environment. I recently read an article that said, “Leadership is less about your needs, and more about the needs of the people and the organization you are leading. Leadership styles are not something to be tried on like so many suits, to see which fits. Rather, they should be adapted to the particular demands of the situation, the particular requirements of the people involved and the particular challenges facing the organization” (Alan Murray, 2010). I agree with this statement, because leadership plays a major role in any organization.
After observing my coworkers, I come to the conclusion that the conflict handling style employed by senior leadership at this organization is the Accommodator conflict handling style while the other lock operators use a combination of the Conciliator, Pragmatist and Dominator styles. I chose these styles because I see a little of each in the employees here with a couple of the employees displaying more on the dominator conflict handling style, These are also the two employees who cause the most conflict in the workplace.

Some of the...

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