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Mgmt Test 1 Essay

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MGMT 3390-02
Sept 8, 2014
Test 1

Test 1 Essay Questions

1) Chapmon has a prima facie case regarding disparate treatment discrimination. Under Title VII, Chapmon falls under a protected class as a minority African American man. Title VII states that all similarly situated employees should be given equal and fair treatment. It is not equal and fair that ...view middle of the document...

Having to haul his bed with him every time he transferred was an adverse action against him. The fire chief automatically loses this case by bringing up Chapmon’s race as a reason for his decision as this is evidence of the disparate treatment. Chapmon was treated differently because he was black. Chapmon wins the case!

2) While it is unfortunate that Harris was terminated for her bubbly and loud personality, she does not have any good reason for a legal case. Georgia is an at-will employment state. Employees have the right to quit their job for any reason, and employers have the right to terminate for any reason, as long as it is not discriminatory under Title VII. She was not terminated because she is a woman or because she is a minority, etc. The situation does not fall under any exceptions to the Doctrine of Employment-at-Will. The owner warned her of her actions, and determined that she was not a good fit for the business atmosphere; nothing more, nothing less.

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