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Mgmt 2030 Study Guide Essay

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Chapter 1
1. Which of ------a organization?
Manages the transformation---goods and services
2. Why is operations management---production management?
Operations---manufacturing organization
3. The primary role---organization is?
Transforming resources---services
4. Operations can be---an organization? T
5. Which of---management job? COO
Investment management
6. Which of ---- management job?
Staffing specialist
7. Which of --- next author? SAM
8. The three primary organizations are?
Operation, finance. Marketing
9. The four decision management are?
Process, quality, capacity, inventory
10. Capacity decisions? Determine --- needs
11. Inventory ...view middle of the document...

Operations strategy is defined as : other functional; competitive advantage
21. Which of the following statements --- functional strategies is correct?
Corporate strategies guide -- of business strategies, -- functional strategies.
22. According to the model provided in your text, --- four elements:
Mission, distinctive competence, objectives, policies
23. What are the four components--- operations objectives in developing strategy? Cost, quality, delivery, flexibility
24. Strategic operations objectives should be ---- long-range oriented. T
25. Prioritizing among the four --- trade-offs and compromises. T
26. When we discuss delivery as an operation objective we mean: All
27. When we discuss flexibility as--mean:
Ways to make operations more flexibility to changes in customer requirements
28. Which of the following statement about operations objectives is NOT true?
By focusing on quality----simultaneously
29. What are the 4 components considered --- policy decision areas when developing strategy? Process, quality, capacity, inventory
30. A decision ---This is an example of which of the following? Policy
31. An ---from 93% to 97%on all order within 5years. This is example of –following? Objective
32. A company uses----this is an example -- is following? Distinctive Competence
33. Which is the following statement is true for a company pursuing a product innovator business strategy? The operations --- objectives on flexibility
34. Insufficient level of ---win the order. T
35. For many companies, new product --- competitive advantage. T

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