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Methods Of Communications Essay

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Methods of Communication
Danny Johnson
Paul Nesbitt

Methods of Communication
I would initially use three types of communication to persuade the employees of the benefits of the Job fair. The first type would be email, the email would briefly describe some of my thoughts of the job fair and how it will be beneficial. The second type of communication would be face ...view middle of the document...

The third type of communication would be instant messaging a simple reminder of the event.

The first method e-mail: I would send a blast email to the company inviting them to the conference meeting to be held at a later date and time. I would use the email to briefly describe what we will discuss in the meeting and what they can bring and prepare for the meeting that would be helpful.
The second method Face to Face: Once the meeting is held I would explain the benefits of the job fair, what we can expect as a company as a whole, and what they can expect individually as a section or certain department. I would go around and ask for feedback, and results and specifics skills we can look for to increase productivity and popularity of the brand.
I would also ask for any suggestion from any department to make sure we cover all possibilities of making the best out of the job fair.
The third method instant messaging: I would send out text to all employees reminding them the day of the fair and how their input and attendance is important.

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