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Meteorology Notes Essay

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* Forming Dew
Radiational cooling of the surface-
Outgoing longwave radiation emitted to space
Surfaces (grass,trees,cars) cool to the “dew” “point”
Air is cooled by “conduction” and reaches its dew point
condensation of liquid droplets on surfaces
Dew Formation
More likely to form on nights with clear skies and calm winds
Objects near the ground will emit infradred radiation (clear nights)
coldest air is located near the ground (calm winds)
Frost Formation
Radiational cooling of the Surface
surfaces (grass,trees,cars) cool below frost point (below freezing).
Air temp reaches frost point (air becomes saturated)
(temp and dew point are equal)
deposition of ice onto surfaces
also known as hoarfrost or white frost
exhibits “tree-like branching pattern.”
Frost forms on objects that are below freezing (vapor)
Frozen dew is dew (liquid) that freezes as temperatures drop
Haze…What Is It?
Dust or salt ...view middle of the document...

Types of Fog
Radiation fog:
Ground fog or valley fog
Forms by earth’s radiational cooling process
clear nights
moist air newar the ground
dry layer of air above ground level
common over land in fall and winter
clear skies and light winds (3-5 mph)
often forms in valleys
cold air drains downhill >>foggy
radiation fog develops from the ground up
How to Dissipate Radiation Fog?
sunlight warms the ground and increases the temp
evaporation begins and the fog usually dissipates by late morning
winds can also mix the dry air above the fog down and dissipate it
Advection Fog
Warm, moist air flows over a cooler surface
the transfer of warmer air to cooler air helps bring the temperature down to the saturation point (dew point)
Important Note About advection Fog
Air must be moving (higher wind speed than radiation fog)
warm air from land blows across cooler water
ex: Fog near the Golden Gate Bridge
* Upslope Fog
moist air flows up along a hill, slope or mountain
as the air rises, it cools, eventually reaching it’s dew point
ex: fog that forms on the eastern slopes of the Rockies in late winter and spring
Steam Fog
Warm water creates a layer of air that mixes with cooler and drier air above the water surface
Ex: steam from a roadway after a summer rain
Ex: warm lake in fall after the first cold night
Hail Fog
Fog that forms after a significant hail storm
Hail falls, then melts, releasing moisture into the atmosphere
Foggy Weather and Places
Foggiest areas of the country:
Pacific Coast
Smokey Mountains
New England
Scattering of headlight intensity back ti the eye makes fog appear white or gray
Drastic changes in visibility cause many traffic accidents and dangerous driving conditions
Provides needed moisture to plants when little rain falls

Scheme used today is large

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