Metal Forming Process Essay

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Forming process are solid state manufacturing processes involving minimum amount of material wastage and faster production. It does have been one of the common methods in formation of product in multi shape and size. In fact some of casting product will undergoes forming process to achieve more precise shape.

In metal forming, transformation to desire shape is done at solid state and usually required high forces. If the temperature is below crystallization temperature, it is called ‘cold work’. Large force is applied such that the material flows and takes the desired shape. These processes are normally used for large scale production rates. It is also generally economical and many cases improve the mechanical properties. Some of the metals forming process are rolling, forging, extrusion, drawing, sheet metal forming and bending.

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On larger shears, the moving blade is often set at an angle of rocks as it descends, so the cut is made in a progressive fashion from one side of the material to the other, much like a pair of household scissors.

Bending is the plastic deformation of metals about the linear axis with little or no change in the surface area. Multiple bends can be made simultaneously. Simple bending causes the metals on the outside to be stretched nor compressed is known as the neutral axis of the bend. Since the yield strength of metal compression is somewhat higher than the yield strength in tension, the metal on the outer side yield first and the neutral axis is displaced from the midpoint between the two surfaces. The neutral axis is generally located between one third and one half of the way from the inner surface, depending on the bend radius and the material being bent.
c. Drilling
Drilling is a process of making hole. Drilling is done with a tool hacing two cutting edges or lips. The cutting edges are at the end of a relatively flexible tool. Four major actions taking place at the point of a drill:

i. A small hole is formed by the web-chips are not cut here In the normal sense.
ii. Chops are formed by the rotating lips.
iii. Chips are removed from the hole by the screw action of the herical flutes.
iv. The drills is guided by lands or margins that rub against the wall of the hole.

Drill performance depends on the surface of the workpiece. Poor surface conditions can accelerate early tool failure and degrade the hole drilling process.
d. Riveting
In riveting, an expended head is formed on the shank end of a fastener to permanently join sheets or plate of material. Although riveting is usually done in structural application in manufacturing, it is almost always done cold. The shaped punch may be driven by a press or contained in a special, hand-held riveting hammer. When a press is used, the rivet is usually headed in a single squeezing manner, an approach known as orbital forming. It is often desirable to use riveting is situations where there is access to only one side of the assembly.

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