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Welcome to Mama’s corner. In this edition we shall be looking at salient, important and vital question that must be asked before saying “I do”.
Mark 10:6-8 (NIV) “At the beginning of creation God made them male and female. For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and they two will become one flesh”.
Question 1
Why am I getting married? After salvation, walking down the aisle is probably the most important decision you will ever make in your life time because who you marry alter your destiny positively or negatively. Secondly marriage has only one door which is the front door and ...view middle of the document...

It also means you have a good opinion of their character or ideas. In practical terms it is not being rude, using abusive or offensive word at the other person, not looking down on the other person etc. Even if the other person is not as highly placed, financially independent, well-schooled, younger etc., you must settle in your heart before marriage that you will accord him/her the respect deserved.
Question 4
Are you ready for a life-long commitment? The number of people making and keeping commitments is on a decline in modern times. It used to be the norm for people to marry and stay married but these days, it’s easy to get in and out of marriage, swap spouses and abandon children. Are you prepared to spend the rest of your life day in day out with the same person?
When love fails as a result of changing situations of life the only thing that will keep you in the marriage is commitment to your spouse, children and most importantly to God who hates divorce. Marriage is a contract that not only is legally binding, but all irrevocable in the eyes of God. So make sure you’re willing and excited to spend the rest and not part of your lives together.
Question 5
Is this the right time? Every time you see each other you catch your breath and get a clenching feeling in your chest or you get butterflies in your tummy, it shows you are in love. That you are in love does not mean it is the right time to marry. Eccl 3:1 says to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. In other words there is time for everything.
If this is your time to be in school studying, acquiring a vocational skill, getting a job or starting up a business don’t abandon any that applies to you for marriage. Marriage requires knowledge, time, concentration, finances, emotion and commitment. Never think of marriage when you are not fully prepared. A girl of 16 years who is yet to finish her secondary school education is not expected to be thinking marriage. You don’t go into marriage empty handed and empty headed. You must bring something to the table as your quota. The following factors must be considered before marriage and these will also help you know if this is the right time for you.
1. Do you have time to be married? Chances are you’re busy working and have an active social life and family obligations. Lack of time and busy schedules negatively impact marriages in many ways, so make sure you are ready for the time commitment marriage deserves.
2. Can you afford to be married? Not to be funny, but you can’t live on love alone. Money certainly isn’t everything but being married does take a bank account. You need money to pay bills, live a good life, travel, meet needs, take care of the children, be a blessing to family member (considering that you now have two families to take care of) etc. no marriage thrives on love alone without money. I can’t imagine a husband say I love you to his wife every day of the week without food in the house, I am sure...

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