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Mentorship Module

In this essay I aim to reflect and critically analyse my completion of the learning development plan and to identify how the skills and knowledge that I have gained as a mentor will enable me to lead learning in my area of practice. I will be using the What model of reflection (Driscoll 2000) throughout this essay.

What? - As part of the mentorship module I was required to complete a Learning Development Plan (LDP). Part of the LDP involved writing a lesson plan which was then taught to a student under the supervision of my mentor. A copy of the lesson plan can be found within the LDP. An assessment plan was then used to evaluate the learning that had taken place and ...view middle of the document...

According to Hand (2006) ‘Our perceptions of learning will affect how we teach. It makes sense, therefore, that before we explore how we teach, we understand how people learn’. From discussion with my student prior to the lesson I learnt that she too had a more activist learning style and I felt that this match would provide a more harmonious learning environment between myself and the student. Whilst there is validity in attempting to match teaching styles with learning styles (Quinn & Hughes 2007) there is also research to show that by moving the student outside of their dominant learning style will stimulate learning and the challenge will promote more creative learning (Tennant 1997 and Partridge 1983).
I was aware of my student’s dominant learning style and my lesson on Intubation was a practical one which would be more suited to her, however, I felt that in order to teach the subject effectively, the lesson in part would have to have a theoretical approach in order to cover the aspects of airway anatomy and physiology, rationale for intubation and the hazards, precautions and complications of the procedure. Once I had completed my lesson plan, I was concerned that it was weighted far more to a reflector or theorist style of learning and that my student would become bored and de-motivated. This is also argued by Gopee (2008) who states that ‘the mentor should endeavour to develop awareness of their mentee’s learning style to see if they can adapt to them to make their teaching more effective’. Gopee (2008) also goes on to say that this could make the achievement of practice objectives easier and more efficient. However, according to Vaughn and Baker (2001) sometimes educational objectives dictate which teaching style and learning style will be the most effective. I felt that in this case a mixture of learning theories and learning styles would be the most effective way to bring the subject across. I feel that whilst it is important to be able to carry out a skill in the clinical setting, the clinician must also have the background knowledge behind that skill in order to be safe and effective. This point is also argued by Hand (2006) who states that ‘Learning in all three domains is important for any healthcare professional. Having the skill without the underpinning knowledge makes the practitioner unsafe’.
Whilst my lesson plan covers all three domains in Bloom’s Taxonomy (1956), the vast portion of my lesson concentrates on the cognitive domain. This revolves around knowledge, comprehension and critical thinking of a particular knowledge. This knowledge is very important to paramedic mentors and students. According to Sibson and Mursell (2010) much of the theoretical knowledge delivered by the education provider will require some form of application and further consolidation in the clinical setting. I feel that I managed to provide this within my lesson as following the theory part of my session, this was then consolidated during the...

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