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Mentoring Essay

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A mentor is a person who we can trust and rely on, someone who we can talk to and seek advice from. Someone who helps, supports, educates, and encourages.

1. Mentors must be positive, enthusiastic, sensitive yet strong.
2. A mentor should be good listener, good speaker and a good decision maker.
3. Mentors need to be unselfish and have the capability to self motivate.
4. Mentors should be patient, understanding and objective.

There are times in our lives when we become disappointed and unsure of our goals. During this, its ...view middle of the document...

A mentee can learn a lot from their mentor simply by watching how their mentor behaves in any particular situation. Good mentors will also look out for experiences, or even create situations in which their mentees can become involved to learn new things, for example, providing a look behind the scenes or a glimpse at how other people live or do things.
I will be genuinely interested in your mentee as an individual

A mentoring relationship is a very personal one, so you need to get to know your mentee personally, about their hopes and dreams, so you can help them in a way that meets their personal best interest. For this reason, a parent is often not a good mentor for their child, as their parenting relationship and emotional connection will influence their guidance.
They are often where our biggest lessons are learned. It will also help your mentee be aware that challenges will arise, and the way you dealt with the situation might also help them gain insight about how to build flexibility.
Asking them questions will help me see their real needs, values and passions. Also it will help them think through situations. Because
By doing this, you help them learn to think through issues themselves and trust their own judgement, both valuable life skill.

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