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Mental Illness Essay

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Mental Illness Paper

HCA 240

Mental Illness Paper
In this paper we will explore the background of Bulimia nervosa, myths, misconceptions, and past treatments. We will discuss the different symptoms, signs, neurotransmitters that may be associated with the illness. The paper will go over the ways that this mental disorder can be treated, and the ways that the environment in which the person may live could have direct effects to the success or failure of their treatment. Describe the way the illness is treated in todays’ society verses the way that this illness was treated in the past.
What is Bulimia nervosa which means (ravenous hunger) in latin it is a type of eating ...view middle of the document...

There are many misconceptions to bulimia and myths that for many of year’s people have believed and did not think to question. One misconception would be to believe that only women could develop the disease. This is not true; men are affected by this mental illness as well (Mccarty, 2013). The idea that only a particular group of people can develop bulimia, the idea that someone can grow out of bulimia is false (Mccarty, 2013). There are people who do not believe that bulimia can be life threatening, this idea comes from those affected by the disease and those who do not know enough about it to understand. Some confuse the idea of bulimia with dieting, although they are two separate matters. Bulimia is the obsession over the body and its physical aspects that you could go to the extreme to throw up your food so that your body would not retain the calories.
Bulimia has signs and symptoms, which make it easy to notice if someone whom you are close with is suffering from this disease. The most noticeable sign of this disease would be bad breath and decaying teeth, this would be from the constant vomiting. Constant vomit has natural dangerous acid from your stomach, this acid over time can cause the teeth to decay and become yellow in color. Another sign of this disease would be eating habits, if they tend to eat large amounts or eat to quickly then have to dismiss themselves shortly after eating that could be a big sign of a problem. Miss using laxatives, diuretics after eating a meal, and being obsessed with gaining weight or maintaining current weight. It is said that there is neurochemistry attached to this disease women face changes to their neurotransmitters that help with mood (Kaye, 1991). Bulimics have more cerebrospinal fluid concentration of peptide, this is the part of them that gives them the urge to want to binge (Kaye, 1991). Although it would not be appropriate to accuse someone of having the disorder if you were unsure, because many of the signs and symptoms of bulimia also fit too many other diseases as well.
Bulimia is treated with the help of a licensed professional, love, and support from family and friends. A patient suffering from bulimia has to receive help from a psychological counselor, prescription drugs, and sometimes a stay in the hospital. If these steps are needed to be able to recover from the disease, then these treatments would have to be long term for the patient to ensure continued success. The ultimate treatment for this disease would be to determine how long it has been going on and if there is more than just the one disease or disorder to treat (WebMD, 2011). When a patient who has been treated and diagnosed with bulimia has to return home; after being seen by psychological doctors, and maybe time in the hospital. It is important that the family is reassuring and not pushing food or ideas but letting the patient get into a rhythm...

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