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Mental Health Worksheet Essay

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MHF Module: Investing In Mental Health

Mental Health Worksheet

Part 1

Research mental health in a a country other than the United States.

An example of a mental heath problem is provided below.

|Example: |
|According to the World Health Organization (2005) Botswana, Africa, spends only 1% of the country’s health budget on mental health. The |
|country does offer locations in communities for the training of mental health nurses. There are also community care facilities for |
|patients suffering from mental disorders. ...view middle of the document...

Alcohol reduces an individual’s inhibitions, which could lead them to make some unhealthy decisions like a suicide attempt. “Suicide|
|is the leading cause of death among young Irish men aged 15-24” (, 2012). In 2011 there were 525 registered suicides, 439 |
|of which were men – this is also a 7% increase in the rate of suicide. Many people use alcohol as a coping mechanism, or self-medicating for|
|a life situation like depression or grieving. It is thought that by increasing the cost of alcohol this will alleviate the problems |
|associated with the consumption of alcohol by young adults. It is also thought that limiting the media exposure to alcohol will also reduce |
|the use of alcohol and thus reduce the amount of mental health problems in Ireland. I’m not so sure that changing the media, like |
|commercials, will be helpful because there are already so many people in the country that drink. Children learn by watching, so if they see |
|Mommy and Daddy drinking they will think it’s okay to drink too. It is a very well-known stereotype that the Irish are drunks, and it is a |
|stereotype because I’m Irish and I’m not a drunk. Not only would the media need to change, the people in general would need to change to end|
|the stereotype. Once the stereotype is gone, if this is even possible, maybe then the way the Irish drink would change and the suicide rate |
|would decrease. |
| |
|Alcohol, Suicide, and Mental Health. (2012). Retrieved from |

Part 2

Research agencies and programs in your local area that promote mental health.

Complete the following table with a minimum of two agencies you found.

|Agency/Program ...

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