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Mental Health Essay

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Chapter 10 Mental Health

* “Social workers are the nation’s largest providers of mental health services.”
* Assessment: the process of determining the nature, cause, progression and prognosis of a problem and the personalities and situations involved.
* The information obtained in the assessment process determines the requirements and direction of the helping process.
* A mental health social worker “gathers information about the present situation, elicits history about the past, and anticipates service expectations for the future.”
* A source for information about the client mostly comes from the client directly, ...view middle of the document...

* Finding client’s strengths may help to empower the client to make changes in her life
* Person-in-Environment Classification System- (the PIE) a coding of the client’s problems and the client’s ability to accomplish the activities necessary for daily living. The process is built upon two major premises that are basic to all social work practice: recognition of social considerations and the person-in-situation stance.
* Difficult technique, however, advanced social workers use PIE because it “provides an important vehicle to understanding the factors that affect a client’s behavior.”
* Diagnostic and Statistical Manuel of Mental Disorders- (DSM) standard criteria and common language for the classification of mental disorders
* Biopsychosocial Approach- social work practice in assessment and intervention keeping in consideration biomedical, psychological, and social factors
* 16% of those in state prisons and local jails have been diagnosed as mentally ill.
* “These individuals are 53% more likely to be incarcerated for a violent offense.”
* For social workers the biggest task is to find ways to help these facilities recognize and address the medical needs and mental health treatments needed for those diagnosed mentally ill.
* “Overall practice in the mental health setting must continually be examined to ensure high quality.”
* “If the helping process is rushed, superficial factors may be highlighted and significant ones overlooked."

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