Memory Management Essay

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Memory Management Requirements

February 2013

Memory Management Requirements.
Memory management is an important part of the computer system. The correct amounts of memory need to be available for different functions at the same time so not to slow the processor too much. Relocation, protection sharing, physical organization, and logical organization all are key components in memory management.
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Physical organization is where the main and secondary memory is located so it can access other systems directly. It must be in a specific place to allow this access without having to go through other parts of the system to get to the parts it needs most often.
Logical organization is done by putting things in an order so the system knows where to find them quickly and easily. This allows programs to access memory without hesitation or conflict. When the logical organization is set up properly all the programs can access the system at the same time and not falter.
The memory management requirements ensure the system will work smooth and allow all the systems and programs to work together without conflicts. It also allows data to be transferred without corruption in a stable environment. This is why memory management is so important.


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