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The proposed training sessions for the targeted employees has been approved to move forward. The training will cover the new system and system procedures. This memo will cover details of the training session budget.
What will be covered?
• Training project
• Training schedule
• Training budget
• Key points of the training
Project breakdown
• Training method
• Hypothesis
• Limitations
• Hotel stay for two nights at the Marriott hotel and conference center
• Meal stipend of 65 dollars per day to be reimbursed with receipts
• Transportation from the airport to the hotel and conference center
Training Facility
• Training facility name and address
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00 budget
Key features of the 1st quarter
• Hardware cost of 200 units can be used within the company after the training
• Tech tool kits that are needed for installation
• Consult project requirements
• Instructor for training needs
• Totals calculated on unit hour and unit days
2nd Quarter Training Budget
Line Item Description/Justification Qty. Unit Cost/Rate Total
16 Courseware development
17 Courseware purchase
Coursework purchased
15 25.00
18 Certification
Certification purchased
15 15.00
19 Train-the-trainer
4 35.00
20 Hardware purchase .
21 Facility rental
Rockwell Center
2 250.00
22 Instructional materials
Training Manuals
15 25.00
23 Technical equipment Equipment Rental - Projector
2 90.00
24 Consulting fees
25 Instructor fees

4 150.00
26 Content acquisition
Travel Airfare and accommodations for trainers and executives
22 250.00
Per diem
Meal for all attendees
29 0
30 0
Grand Total 8,935
The 2nd quarter shows cost of the two day training sessions
Key features of the 2nd quarter
• Coursework development that includes coursework purchasing price
• 15 executives that will be participating in the training session.
• Course completion certifications
• Four trainers for the training sessions
• Training Manuals
• Rented equipment
• Consultation instructor
• Travel and meal stipend will be provided to all participates

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