Memo Compliance System Training Essay

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Solutions Industries International

To: All Departments: Lead Management Personal
From: Sherry Carter
CC: CEO Marc Portner
Date: 5/11/2015
Re: New Compliance System Training Project

Comments: Compliance System Training

With the rollout of the new company compliance system it has come to our attention that for this implementation to be a success we must initiate companywide training.
Training Details:
* All lead management personal
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The objective of this training is to insure that lead management knows and understands the new compliance policies as well as the use of the new compliance system in order to return to their department and implement this training with key personal.
It is understood that training of this magnitude has not been required in the past, so organizational buy-in is of upmost importance form all key stakeholders to ensure a successful training experience for all involved and that normal operations will not be hindered due to the absence of lead management personal.
Training schedule and details will follow in future memos.

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