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Medication To Treat Adhd Essay

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Medication To Treat ADHD
Simi Linton in Reassigning Meaning defines Disability as, “ A physical or psychological condition considered to have predominantly medical significance” (Linton, 282). In Harlan Lane’s article, he writes about people who are deaf and how they now have the option to undergo surgery to have cochlear implants. These implants are electronic devices that stimulate the auditory nerve directly, and provide a sense of sound to one who is deaf or hard of hearing. However, Lane expresses a feeling of disapproval in regards to the cochlear implant. Lane feels as though if a child were to receive the implants, they would lose fundamental value in the deaf community“(Lane, ...view middle of the document...

Testing for learning disabilities is something all parents should consider for their children at a young age. All parents want to see their child excel in school and in life. However, if their child is disabled and not diagnosed, their child will stumble their way through school, quickly fall behind and even find that their child is struggling to stay concentrated on the task at hand.
ADHD leaves many people of all ages finding that they are struggling to pay attention, and also appear abnormally hyper in terms of behavior. Brock defines ADHD: “Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is the diagnostic category used to describe individuals with clinically significant problems with inattention and/or hyperactivity and or impulsivity” (Brock, 1). Teachers and parents are usually the ones who notice an abnormality in a child’s behavioral patterns. ADHD can lead to constantly being distracted by miniscule things, and also acting out inappropriately; “For example, hyperactivity may make it difficult to sit still and complete performance oriented/timed tasks, impulsivity may adversely affect tasks that require the consideration of several different response items, and inattention may interfere with the ability to remain focused on a test for an extended period of time” (Brock, 79). Not only do the hyperactive impulses ADHD produces lead to misbehaving in class, but it also puts a child at a disadvantage when it comes to learning, because that child simply cannot stay focused.
Some medications make children feel isolated from everything around them, almost as if they are aliens and do not belong, and other medications won’t allow them to sleep at night. Once a child finds a medication that works for him, he will find himself getting better grades, being able to pay better attention, and getting in less trouble in terms of behavior. With the use of this ADHD medication, he will clearly notice a change that will help him in the long run. Succeeding in the classrooms and being able to pay better attention to his surroundings will ultimately change his life for the better. However, this medicine does not fix this disability. It is a temporary drug that will assist him when necessary. Therefore, some of a child’s hyperactivity and impulses that make up his individuality and uniqueness when he is not medicated, will allow him to still be himself and display the characteristics that make up his actual personality.
When treating for ADHD, certain aspects have to be taken into consideration and thought about carefully. For example, some medications for ADHD have side effects such as psychosis, elevated irritability, and elevated energy levels. Many children are tested and diagnosed with ADHD, try various medications, and struggled to find one that work for them. Prior to finding the right medication or even being diagnosed, teachers make these students sit in the front of every class and double check to make sure they are facing forward, which...

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