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The 12 year old brother had triggered and shot the 8 year old younger brother while playing with their father’s gun. Up on asking the 12 year old, he mentioned they were acting out what they had seen on television a night before.
A person tends to adapt what one sees and the media engraves images into ones’ mind, so they think it is the norm although, it is an absurd idea. Kids are generally influenced by the media. The American Academy of Pediatrics, Testimony before the U.S. Commerce Committee: “Before age 8, children cannot discriminate between real ...view middle of the document...

Media violence has increased the number of violent activities and tends to engrave violent images into one’s mind which leaves behind a blur vision of reality and fictional thoughts that are mainly created by video games, sex violence, television violence and the web that includes the internet and music such as rap.
1) Video games- encouraging violent behaviors.
2) TV – cartoons, movies with criminal activities. (Terrorist attacks, molestations, rapes, robberies, murders.)
3) Sex violence- the sexual activities have led to an increase in teen pregnancies and more sexual relations.
4) The web- internet videos ( cyber bullying, pornography, violent movies, youtube movies for criminal activities), Rap music.

Opposing arguments:
1) No link between media violence and youth violence had been established,
2) Video games can be an educational tool.
3) The dangers of TV violence are exaggerated – Not everyone who watches TV or plays video games tends to become violent.
4) The violent acts shown on the media is a way of creating awareness.

Possible solutions:
Govt. regulations,
Parents should monitor their children.
Certain age restrictions on violent and sexual movies.

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