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Media Aggression Essay

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Media’s Influence on the Aggression of Children
Sometimes, the use of visual technology can impact a child’s behavior. Television today is a widely used use of technology by our children. It is said that young children spend at minimum a 16 to 17 average hours of viewing weekly, beginning as early as age 2 (Victor C. Strasburger, Edward Donnerstein, 2012). But, when you add video games to the issue, some children will spend on average 35 to 55 average hours weekly (Victor C. ...view middle of the document...

This is a topic that is being focused on due to the increasing aggression of children based on the media.
Extensive research indicates that media does in fact have an influence on violent behavior such as, nightmares, desensitization to violence, or attain a fear of being harmed (Kyla Boyse & Brad Bushman, 2010). Sometimes, children will imitate the violence they see on television.  Children under age eight cannot really tell the difference between reality and fantasy, which will sometimes make them more vulnerable to adopt the behavior as reality (Kyla Boyse & Brad Bushman, 2010). Also, it is said that repeated exposure to television violence will more likely make children less sensitive toward its effects on victims and the suffering it causes in the end (Kyla Boyse & Brad Bushman, 2010). Another big reason that children are more likely to adopt an aggressive behavior in shows that have some violence is because the person committing the violent act is not being punished for their actions (Kyla Boyse & Brad Bushman, 2010). Much of the media shown today also depicts the use of tobacco and alcohol. Sometimes, children will see the use of harmful substances and become curious as to what they are like, which in turn will cause them to become more aggressive in experimenting with the substances (Kyla Bose & Brad Bushman, 2010).

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