Media Essay

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Media Consumers
Team report, IMMAA 2007

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Team Members
• John Lavine
John Lavine
• Mary Alice Shaver
• Phil Napoli
Phil Napoli
• Ed Malthouse
Ed Malthouse
• Bob Calder
• Limor Peer
• Rich Gordon
• Sora Park
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Recent Studies in U.S.
• PEW, Biennial Media Consumption
Survey, 2006
• Ball State, Middletown Studies, 2006
• State of the Media, 2006
• Center for Digital Future, USC, 2005
• Carnegie Corporation, “Abandoning the
News,” 2005
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Main Conclusions
• Use increases for all media – media day
• News online growing, though slowed,
supplementing other news sources
• Young people moving away from
traditional sources of news
• Young people - 20 media hours in 7
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, 2006 (3rd edition)
– Neuman, 1991
– Kent, 1994
– Buzzard, 1990

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Historical perspective
• How do “audiences” evolve?
• How has our understanding of audience
• What trends do we see in audience

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Historical & critical
• Turow, 1997: Breaking up America – targeted
• Butsch, 2000: The making of American
audiences – passive / active and public /
• Ang, 1991: Seeking audiences – cross
cultural comparison of commercial and
public service TV
• Seiter, 1999 and 1991: ethnographic study of
TV audiences
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Watch for this…
• Metrics
– Circulation, readership, ratings, online
– ARF 2006: “Engagement is turning on a
prospect to a brand idea enhanced by the
surrounding context”

• Methodology
– Surveys, observations, ethnography

• Define media usage?
– User generated content
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State of the Art Research…
• Ed Malthouse on “audience
Ed Malthouse on
experiences” – dimensions of
consumer’s relationship with various
media and how they relate to usage.
• Phil Napoli on “processing audiences”
Phil Napoli on
– how media organizations use, misuse,
and make sense of audience
information that is available to them.
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